what are microgreens?

Microgreens are shoots of young vegetable greens. Harvested just after the first leaves have developed, these greens range between 1-3 inches tall.

Microgreens offer a concentrated and aromatic flavor which rivals that of the mature plant. Their size and versatility allow for a variety of different uses from sandwiches to smoothies, garnishes to salads, and more.

The major benefit of microgreens is their concentrated nutrient content. Rich in antioxidants and nutrients—such as iron, potassium, zinc and many others—the concentrated nature of these greens make them a superior alternative to their mature counterparts. In fact, research suggests that microgreens nutrient levels can be up to nine times higher than the mature green.*

The "micro" nature of these greens allows for the modern practice of urban farming. No longer are vast acres of land necessary to produce fresh vegetables in large quantities. Our indoor urban farm is located in the middle of Los Angeles County, thus offering the freshest green you'll find.

how do we grow microgreens?

To maximize space and efficiency, metrogreens use vertical farming techniques. Instead of growing wide, we grow tall. The combination of growing upwards and the micro size of the greens allows for maximum space utilization.

In an effort to keep the greens, customers and environment healthy, metrogreens uses no preservatives or pesticides at any point during the growing process. Not only are the substances harmful, but they’re completely unnecessary considering our philosophy of fresh greens grown the LA way.


Indoor farming offers many other benefits, which make farming in Los Angeles not only possible, but preferable. Temperature-regulated grow rooms allow for complete control of the growing process. Water cycles are scheduled and lighting is controlled. With these methods, Metrogreens can grow the freshest greens year-round in the dead of winter or the peak of summer.


All of Metrogreens’ packaging material is completely and 100% plant-based in a continued effort to keep the environment as healthy as possible.

Meet Team metrogreens

Nick Long
Grow Master
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Received Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Finance and a minor in Accounting from Concordia University Irvine

Practiced advanced horiculture with a focus in vertical indoor farming and commercial outdoor agriculture as Director of Ag at Crux LLC

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Gian Demano
Brand Lord
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Received Bachelor's & Master's degrees in Mass Communications at Arizona State University

Worked design, brand, and communications roles for USAToday and McDonald's Corp

Only started eating vegetables just 5 years ago

Cedric Alfonso
Kitchen Commander
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Received Culinary Arts degree from NSOC

Worked in prestigious kitchens such as Patina in downtown LA and Union in Pasadena

Middle school science fair winner, 3 years in a row




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